Hidden Tribes Midterms Update

Download our new midterms update to the major Hidden Tribes study released in October 2018.

This update provides new insights into how each of the seven tribes felt about the 2018 midterm elections, the issues that most concerned them, and their perceptions of the country’s divisions.

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Top Line Results

  • Analysis of the voting behavior of the Hidden Tribes in the 2018 midterms election suggest that the outcome was determined more by differences in turnout rates (compared to the 2016 general election) than by significant changes in voting behavior.
  • Especially notable was the sustained high turnout of the two most liberal tribes (Progressive Activists and Traditional Liberals), in contrast to the decline in turnout among the two most conservative groups (Devoted Conservatives and Traditional Conservatives).
  • Also notable is that Passive Liberals, who are generally less politically engaged, turned out to vote at similar rates to the 2016 general election.
  • Heading into the midterms, 87% of Americans felt the country was more divided than at any point in their lifetimes.
  • Immediately following the midterms, 86% of Americans said they felt exhausted by division in politics.
  • 89% of Americans say that they want both parties to try to find places to compromise.

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